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Commercial Audio/Video

Imagine a flawless presentation for your next meeting.

Picture a dynamic learning environment that is easy to use.

A quality audio and video service and appropriate equipment makes your job easier, produces results, and creates a stellar impression.

NC Sound creates and designs systems that allow you to better connect with:

  • Employees
  • Students
  • Clients
  • Visitors
  • C suite executives
  • Vendors

Our company provides audio video solutions to commercial, industrial, educational, and state and local governmental facilities of all sizes. You can seamlessly reach out to the people you serve and those who work for you through our systems that enable you to easily share presentations and spread messages.

Our Commercial Video Services Keep Your Message Front and Center

Whether you need a large display or a Power Point screen to complement your presentation, our commercial video services company installs video equipment from trusted manufacturers and provides all the maintenance and repairs you need to keep it in top working condition at all times.

We’ll Design a System Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Every project is different. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Your facility is unique and you need a company that understands that. We’re all about making IT better.

Not only can we create the perfect system for you, but we’ll also determine the most cost-effective solutions regardless of the size of the project. It’s just another example of how we always put your needs first.

All you have to do is talk to one of our technicians. We’ll evaluate your facility’s specific video needs and start working on the perfect plan that fits your purpose as well as your budget.

Expert Audio Installation by Experts

The best system is useless if the audio is not loud and clear. We understand that in order to be successful, you need to look at the whole picture in order to achieve your goals.

We provide design, installation, and support for new construction and renovation projects involving a wide range of sound equipment. We outfit any type of facility requiring a reliable commercial sound system. We also install paging and telephone equipment that complement the overall audio system.

With our technical expertise and brand-name equipment, we ensure your audio is always the right volume and easily understood.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate for Your Commercial Audio/ Video Sound System

A new commercial sound system is more affordable than you think. Not only do we provide a free estimate, but we offer free design and preliminary budget estimates tailored to our clients’ specific audio visual goals. One of our team members works with you to get a firm understanding of your  wants and needs. Based on this information, as well as your facility’s layout, we generate a first-draft design and accompanying price quote for the project.

We proudly serve clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

If you wish to schedule a free estimate, please reach out to our firm today by contacting us. You’ll see firsthand how we make IT happen..

Are you ready to feel confident in your IT partner?

(844) 255-9785 | 5413 Highway 117 N, Pikeville, NC, 27863

(844) 255-9785 | 5413 Highway 117 N, Pikeville, NC, 27863