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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are held to a higher standard.

This is because your patients have entrusted you with one of their most precious possessions: their health.

If you can’t communicate with your physicians and other health care team members, you can’t offer the level of care that your patients need. In addition, security—particularly in the emergency room—is always a concern at the forefront of your mind.

NC Sound can provide all the services you need. You don’t have to search for the right manufacturer or deal with multiple vendors because we’ve done all the research and legwork for you. Our certified technicians can easily and efficiently install, maintain and repair your communications and security network.

NC Sound Offers a Variety of Quality Services to Make IT Happen

We provide a comprehensive communications package to address the concerns of every facet of your healthcare facility, hospital or outpatient center. Our services include:

NC Sound Handles All Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Your IT department is busy enough. They don’t need one more thing on their plate. But you also need a communications and security system installed in a timely manner—and within budget.

NC Sound has worked with healthcare facilities across North Carolina and South Carolina, providing comprehensive installation with minimal disruption to operations. We also provide all updates and maintenance to the system to ensure there are no issues later.

And if, for some reason, you need repairs, you can trust NC Sound to respond within a matter of hours—not days. This is a reflection of our business philosophy of building relationships and lasting partnerships.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

NC Sound has completed the research to understand which trusted manufacturers you need. Our extensive experience means your hospital can obtain the system needed within your budget.

We’ll be happy to provide a free preliminary design and estimate so you can see firsthand why NC Sound has so many dedicated and loyal customers.

It’s easy to get started. Just contact us today.

Are you ready to feel confident in your IT partner?

Are you ready to feel confident in your IT partner?

(844) 255-9785 | 5413 Highway 117 N, Pikeville, NC, 27863

(844) 255-9785 | 5413 Highway 117 N, Pikeville, NC, 27863