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Trust us to focus on I.T. ,
so you can focus on them.

People depend upon you.
You deserve an I.T. solution that is functional, reliable, and easy to use.

You don’t have to struggle to make your tech work.

Technological integrations can easily become problematic: they take time, they can be overwhelming and they require a lot of legwork.

NC Sound will make your job easier.

Technology that’s tailored to your requirements.

The industry’s best vendors have fully certified our technicians to install and service products. 

Many of our customers have trusted us for 25+ years. 

Some of the largest school systems in NC have been supported by us for decades.


We support you because you support our family of employees.

Since 1990, locally owned and serving NC to SC, our family of employees have kids at the schools we serve, live in the towns we love and do business at the companies we support.

We believe in building relationships and lasting business partnerships.


Are you ready to feel confident in your IT partner?

(844) 255-9785 | 5413 Highway 117 N, Pikeville, NC, 27863

(844) 255-9785 | 5413 Highway 117 N, Pikeville, NC, 27863