Commercial Security Services from Trusted Technicians

Ward off criminal activity on your property with help from NC Sound. While our company’s primary focus is audio video systems, we are also fully licensed and qualified to provide commercial security services.

With our well-designed technology in place, you can deter crime, catch wrong-doers, and keep people safe during emergencies. We install, maintain, and repair a wide range of security and safety devices from numerous trusted manufacturers. When your facility requires security system installation, our technicians are the people to call. Let us work with you to design and implement a system that makes your facility a safer place to be.

Wide Range of Security System Installation Choices

Everything you need to keep your employees, clients, and visitors safe is available from our technicians. We are partnered with some of the industry’s best security product manufacturers, which is why we offer such a wide range of security system installation choices.

With the right commercial security services in place, you can avoid crime occurring in the first place. Some of the crime deterrence products we offer include analog and IP security cameras, door access control, front door entry security, intrusion detection, and security. This type of equipment discourages criminals and catches them quickly should they decide to act.

However, even the best security system installation cannot always prevent crime from happening. When you have an emergency situation occurring in your facilities, it is vital that you let people know fast. That is why we also provide panic alarms, mass notification systems, and emergency paging equipment. Whether you have an active threat on your property or a natural disaster is poised to strike, these devices ensure people are informed as quickly as possible and can take action to protect themselves.

No-Cost Business Security Service Estimates Available

Not sure what kind of business security service your facility requires? Let our technicians lend you their industry expertise to create a free initial design that addresses your property’s needs and your specific security goals. We offer full design services for security system installation, working with you to ensure you and your people will be adequately protected by the equipment we put in.

Our free initial design also comes with a preliminary budget estimate. We understand that most commercial facilities have price limitations for their renovations, so we strive to offer the most effective protection possible within your budget.

Contact us for commercial security services that boost the safety of your facilities. We are based in Pikeville, North Carolina, and proudly serve clients throughout the state, as well as in South Carolina.