Commercial Video Services for Facilities of All Sizes

Connect better with your employees, students, clients, and visitors with commercial video services from NC Sound. Our company in Pikeville, North Carolina, provides audio video solutions to commercial, industrial, and governmental facilities of all sizes. With our systems, you can easily share presentations, spread messages, and reach out to the people you serve and the people who work for you.

Do you need a video display for your auditorium, conference room, sports stadium, church, or other facility? Our commercial video services company installs video equipment from trusted manufacturers and provide all the maintenance and repairs you need to keep it in top working condition at all times. If your current video display is on the fritz or not fulfilling your needs, we are happy to fix it or update it with a newer, better model. We also make sure it coordinates seamlessly with your commercial sound system.

When you need a unique design solution for your facility, our commercial video services team has you covered. With our industry expertise, we can determine the most cost-effective and well-designed solution for any application, big or small. Talk to one of our technicians about your facility’s specific video needs and we will begin laying out the perfect plan for you and your budget.

Loud & Clear Commercial Audio Installation

Make sure you are loud and clear with a commercial audio installation by our experts. We provide design, installation, and support for new construction and renovation projects involving a wide range of sound equipment. From theaters to arenas, we outfit any type of facilities requiring a reliable commercial sound system. We also install paging and telephone equipment that complement the overall audio system.

If your existing system does not reach enough people, our professional sound reinforcement solutions can help. With our technical expertise and brand-name equipment, we ensure your audio is always the right volume and easily understood.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Commercial Sound System

Find out how affordable the commercial sound system you need is by requesting a free estimate. We offer free design and preliminary budget estimates tailored to our clients’ specific audio goals. One of our technicians works with you to get a firm understanding of your wants and needs. Based on this information, as well as your facility’s layout, we generate first-draft design and accompanying price quote for the project. If you wish to schedule a free estimate, please reach out to our firm today.

Make sure your message spreads by contacting us for commercial audio and commercial video services. We are based in Pikeville, North Carolina, and proudly serve clients throughout the state, as well as in South Carolina.